Priore FTP Component for VS.NET

Priore FTP Component for VS.NET 1.0

DecriptionPriore TWAIN .NET Control is an invisible-at-runtime...

DecriptionPriore TWAIN. NET Control is an invisible-at-runtime (windowless) control available for a. NET Windows Forms, which allows you to create sophisticated TWAIN compliant imaging applications.

Priore TWAIN. NET Control provides the following rich set of features:Standard TWAIN image acquisition and Data Source selection. Image acquisition without TWAIN User Interface.

Image object directly available after the acquisition. Set the DPI resolution of the acquisition. Set the image size of the acquisition. RequirementsThis component requires Visual.

NET Framework 1. 1 SP1. The component can be used with any development environment that supports its. This control depends on the. NET Framework 1.

1 SP1 for VS. NET. VB. NET SampleImports Priore. ControlsDim TW As TwainTW = New Twain(Me. Handle)TW. Resolution = 100TW. ColorType = Twain. TWAIN_CLASS_COLOURTPYE.

twRGBTW. ShowInterface = TrueTW. ShowProgress = TrueTW. StartScanPictureBox1. Image = TW. ImageTW. Image. Save(? myimage. jpg? )What is TWAIN ? TWAIN defines a standard software protocol and application programming interface (API) for communication between software applications and image acquisition devices.

TWAIN Provides image acquisition solutionsUsers need a painless way to get image data into their applications. Software developers need compatibility with the widest range of output devices without writing and maintaining multiple device drivers.

The solution to this situation is an open industry interface (TWAIN) that directly acquires image data from external sources while within an application.

With this, each software developer supports a standard data acquisition manager and each hardware vendor writes one driver for their device. Hardware vendors benefit because they need only provide one standard driver for their device, which can then be used by all software applications supporting the TWAIN data acquisition interface.

TWAIN defines how application developers can acquire image data directly into their application without requiring the user to switch out of the application.

To provide this feature, TWAIN requires Data Sources to provide a built-in user interface (UI) for their device. Application developers can, if they choose, disable the built-in User Interface provided by the Data Source and provide their own User Interface to control TWAIN devices.

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Priore FTP Component for VS.NET


Priore FTP Component for VS.NET 1.0

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